Our Goal

Mt. Morris NY

We are a community organization who’ve tasked ourselves with jump-starting economic growth in the Village of Mt. Morris. Like many small towns, Mt. Morris experienced an economic boom in the early-mid 20th century. My Grandfather, a retired Mount Morris police officer, often spoke of the days when our downtown area was so bustling with activity people were forced off the sidewalk onto the street. As decades passed, Mt. Morris fell victim to circumstance as passenger rail declined in popularity and certain County/State-level decisions created major disadvantages that we’ve yet to fully overcome.

Is all lost? Not at all.

About 12 years ago, Route 36 – our Main Street – was completely refurbished. The project included new granite curbs, and a total replacement of the side walks along its entire North-South run. This may seem relatively unexciting upgrade, but the results were significant: The infrastructure had been in poor condition, and these improvements provided a much needed kick-start to the economy.

Mt. Morris drew the attention of Brooklyn-based Red Hook Waterfront, a development corporation owned by The O’Connell Organization,  who began to invest in our potential through the acquisition and refurbishment of multiple business district row buildings. This infusion of capital – and confidence – enabled further revitalization by an influx of several new stores on Main Street, some of which have become thriving staples for locals & tourists alike.

We can’t let this momentum diminish. To further economic growth, my vision is:

To attract businesses that offer employment for skilled professionals.

We have to present career opportunities locally – it’s currently a given that our most successful students relocate after graduation. Will we ever have a NASA facility in Mt. Morris? No. But, we need to do what we can to attract consideration over neighboring communities. Geneseo TURNS DOWN business development opportunities, such as Lowe’s, who wanted to build a store on Volunteer Road.

We have to compete for that kind of interest. And if Geneseo doesn’t want to keep expanding, we should aggressively work to present Mt. Morris as a viable alternative.

To improve property values and by consequence lower tax rates.

This won’t happen overnight. It will be a consequence of time and multiple interrelated factors. Ultimately, getting our tax rates down and property values up will benefit the citizens and the business owners of Mt. Morris.

It starts with the community – and most of us are on board. It also starts with you: By investing in us now, you can be part of the growth and see the value of your investment rise, your taxes lower, and your success be part of ours.

Our goal is to sell Mt. Morris.

We care enough to present this site, to attend public meetings and hearings. We will do all we can to support the success of your business.

Thanks for reading.

This site isn’t affiliated with any for- or non-profit entities; it represents the best interests of the citizens of Mt. Morris, and exists to promote the sale/lease of real property to businesses who intend to create job opportunities within the Village.