Mt. Morris NY Traffic Study

Aside from Interstate 390 and Rt. 63 in Geneseo, Main Street Mount Morris sees some of the highest traffic flow rates in Livingston County.

Over 8,000 vehicles per day on average traverse the Village Business District – and that, of course, is a minimum of 8,000 potential customers.


Source: NYSDOT Traffic Viewer



Further Reading

One of the first impressions you’ll get from a visit to Mount Morris is the amount of traffic. It’s not usual for a Village with our population to experience the constant, relentless stream of through traffic that’s felt in Mt. Morris. The traffic does present certain concerns for residents, especially those who live on Main Street, but it’s a potential treasure trove of business, depending on what your target customer is.

Given the results of a Mt. Morris NY Traffic Study, between Main Street, on its Northern stretch, and the 390 ramp on rte. 63, you have the passage of over eight thousand cars per day. And if you assume that the average car carries more than the driver, a conservative average of two, that is sixteen thousand possible money spending customers that, if a retail store or other attraction were advertised and displayed effectively, could be at your disposal.

The NYSDOT has probably done at least one Mt. Morris NY Traffic Study, probably more if triggered by different reasons of highway restoration or traffic control concerns, that establish what the traffic flow is. These numbers are provided by the State of New York, so they are not our best guesses. They are done by whatever scientific methods the DOT employs.

Most small Villages have minor bumps in traffic at typical times of day, such as “rush hour,” but Mount Morris sees a high traffic flow all day and deep into the night. Given that data, there is plenty of opportunity for the enterprising mind to reap the benefits of a consistent stream of potential customers.