Letchworth State Park

At the core of the 14,427-acre Letchworth State Park is the Genesee River gorge, which features 3 waterfalls, a massive train trestle, and up to 550ft cliffs. Letchworth State Park is a tourist magnet in the non-winter months; in addition to the gorge, it features a dam, endless trails, camping sites, and even the tattered remains of a Civilian Conservation Corps encampment.

There’s plenty to see and do at Letchworth State Park, and tourists have one major option for lodging in close proximity to the park: Mount Morris.

The Country Inn & Suites, situated a quarter mile from the park’s North Entrance in Mt. Morris, is the primary lodging option for park visitors.

Tidbits about Letchworth State Park:

  • It had 834,000 visitors in 2017.
  • Was voted the #1 State Park in the United States.
  • Public swimming pool located at the Mount Morris entrance.
  • It’s home to the Mt. Morris Dam.

834,000 people is a lot of throughput – and many of those tourists visit Mt. Morris, either to shop, see the sites or spend the night.


For more information on the park, visit the official website: