Genesee Valley Canal/Greenway

Between 1840 and 1877, the Genesee Valley Canal ran down the center of the Village of Mt. Morris. Hard to imagine, until someone points out to you where the remains of it are… It’s still there, overgrown, but hidden in plain site.

Fortunately, attention has been brought back to this fascinating bit of history by a committee who pushed for the creation of the Genesee Valley Greenway, a trail that is now part of the NY State Park system. It’s a 90-mile corridor, and Mount Morris Village has multiple convenient parking locations for trail walkers – among them a new, State-funded paved lot (see marker below.)

The Mount Morris section of the Genesee Valley Canal includes the remains of at least one lock, and there’s various interesting pieces of infrastructure still standing.

The canal was particularly interesting due to the way it snaked along the cliff of the Genesee River gorge, and it used an aqueduct and was supposed to actually tunnel through part of the gorge wall.

Interesting stuff, and a great tourist draw for the Village.




State Street Parking Area: